EFP Design is confident in providing sensitivity and ethic reasonability to ensure the full restoration of historical spaces. We take pride in bring back to life interiors that evoke a specific emotional connection.

To restore a space is to revitalize the essence of the product by using similar techniques that were used to originally produce the product. To ensure of a safe and successful restoration of an interior, a site survey must be conducted to understand the scope of the project and time table of the required material.

Efp Designs is familiar with working alongside preservation specialist authorities to meet policy guidelines and techniques. We will provide accurate and descriptive documentation of the process of restoration to confirm successful completion of the project restoration.

The goal with any restoration project at EFP Designs is to provide the client with our team’s resources and expertise of architectural ornamentation to return the interior to its unique esthetic form.

At EFP Designs Inc, we treat the restoration of plaster moulding as an art form that involves many operations performed by hand and technology. We assure that every step is performed with the utmost attention and sensitive craftsmanship.



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